3D animated SVG Line Chart Column Infographics

3D animated SVG Line Chart Column Infographics

3D Animated Line Chart Column Infographics and Progress Bars Templates

Can be used for interactive infographics on your website, Adobe Muse project or iBook’s. Fully customizable and responsive it delivers maximum performance on tablets as well as desktop and offers full support for touch devices, conventional menus and mouse wheel input types.

— Possibility of any quantity of the brought columns with data. — The template easily adapts for a dark or light background — Hover Transition Effects — Responsive Scaling — SVG — HTML5

Can this be somehow used in a Vanilla Wordpress Site ? or could some Plugin be made and use this in WP?

Yes — it is possible to insert ready animation in WordPress, here as it to make examples: 1) 2)

Plugin: (I recommend strongly to read the description to a plug-in)

It is also necessary to understand that it is necessary to edit animation (to change parameters) adobe edge animate

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