Bunk Sender Digital Marketing .NET

Bunk Sender Digital Marketing .NET

About Bunk Sender Digital Marketing

The marketing tool “Bunk Sender Digital Marketing” was developed in C # .Net 2017, designed to create campaigns and send WhatsApp, SMS and E-mail.

✔ Multiple Languages.
✔ Create and save campaigns in jSon.
✔ Send bulk to WhatsApp, Sms and Email.
✔ HTML and Text Editor.
✔ Emoji Keyboard.
✔ Customized campaign with clients name.
✔ Logging logs.
✔ Preview the campaigns.
✔ Information on statusbar and progress bar.
✔ Import and Export data.
✔ Extract group contacts from WhatsApp.
✔ Filter WhatsApp contacts.
✔ Up to 400 send per minute.
✔ Multiple Instances.
✔ Works with Firefox and Chromes.
✔ Sending Images, Audio, Video and Files.

Send WhatsApp

✔ WhatsApp Web.

Send SMS

✔ Twilio.
✔ Modem 3G.

Send Email


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