Colorful Themes for Here Maps

Colorful Themes for Here Maps

Colorful themes for HERE maps

Here maps is a fantastic Google Maps alternative.
Here maps are nice, fast and easy to use.
Colorful themes for HERE maps contains 19 themes for HERE maps, but there are not only themes for having different colors for HERE maps, there are also some special themes like transit and traffic.
Each theme comes in three different variations: One example without a marker, one with the standard HERE marker and one with a custom marker.
Each example is very simple; a basic example of HERE maps.
HERE is an excellent solution if you want to have a map on your website. You can also use Colorful themes for HERE maps in a WordPress website by using an iframe. <iframe src="" width="100%" height="480" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>


  • 19 themes for HERE maps
  • easy to use
  • easy to integrate
  • basic HERE maps examples
  • each theme in three different variations: without a marker, with the standard HERE marker and with a custom marker
  • all maps are responsive
  • no jquery needed

You need an app_id and app_code to use HERE maps.
How to get app_id and app_code?
Go to, select a plan (e.g. Freemium), click SIGN UP, register and you’ll get app_id and app_code.

Freemium means that you will get 250.000 transactions per month for free. Yep, for free.
Read on ( number 10 ) how HERE Platform transactions are counted?

And now the screenshots:
(If you want larger screenshots, click on Screenshots directly below the product image)

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