Goagal | phpSocial Theme

Goagal | phpSocial Theme

Goagal is a premium theme for phpDolphin, an intuitive, modern and powerful social network platform. This theme is 100% responsive ! Goagal will fit on any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Goagal have a clean and light design and offer a to user a great experience browsing your social network.






  • Compatible with phpDolphin 1.2.4+
  • Built with a clean, light design
  • RETINA READY (look good even on a retina display)
  • 100% Responsive (Goagal fit very well on any display)
  • Homepage background slideshow
  • ... and many more
Rating 5.0
Sales 55
Price $10.00
Created 2018-07-28 18:48:19
Last update 2013-09-09 09:40:02
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