KuponKhoj - Responsive Affiliate Marketing System

KuponKhoj - Responsive Affiliate Marketing System

Launch your new business in the world of Affiliate marketing with our great Coupons and Deals website!

KuponKhoj is a perfect web application for an individual looking to start their own coupons and deals website. It has never been this easier to create coupons and deals website and generate a regular stream of side income.

The website is completely responsive supporting resolutions all the way upto 320px on all major browsers like IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and so forth. It is designed keeping in mind speed and reliability as the topmost priority.

Some of the top features of KuponKhoj include:

  • Manage Store including properties such as Name, Canonical Name (used in the URL), Alternate Name separated by comma (for eg. some people may refer HostGator as HG or likewise), Title and Meta Description useful for search engine SEO, Priority, Store image and Store’s Categories
  • Manage Categories including properties such as choosing it’s Parent Category, Name, Canonical Name (used in the URL), Title and Meta Description useful for search engine SEO, Description and Category image
  • Manager Offers including properties such as it’s Type whether it is a Coupon or a Deal, Store, Category, Offer Highlight, Coupon Code (if it’s a Coupon), Expiring Date (so offers are not showing once expired), Heading, Description using RichText area supporting HTML, Affiliate Link, Is Best Offer (listed with a badge), Is Featured (shown on home page slider)
  • Shows best offers ordered by date time descending on the home page
  • Shows Recently used offers in a mini slider on the home page
  • Robut search page with “load more” style pagination and categories / stores on the left
  • Fuzzy search built in so for eg. if user types in men’s sports shoes but you don’t have the exact “phrase” within the database of offer’s headline or description, it would still be able to find related offers and display them to the user
  • Search bar has autocomplete built in to avoid spelling mistake while searching for store / categories. For eg. as soon as user types in Am it would list Amazon as a potential item tagged as store
  • Ability to filter by categories while on the store search page. Similarly, ability to filter by store while on the category search page
  • Preconfigured hundreds of categories so you don’t have to go through the headache of adding them
The code is written in a very clean and understandable manner following industry’s best practise. It is also very modular in nature so if you want to change the template of Recently Used Offers you can easily go into a view name RecentlyUsedOffers.cshtml and modify it’s look and feel!

Built using: C#, .Net 4.6, Asp.Net MVC, SQL Server 2017, Bootstrap 4, JQuery

Try the demo and experience the ultimate ease of adding coupons.

Main website:

Admin panel:
Username: admin
Password: Test1234@

Premium Support FREE !

Fast answer if you’ve got some urgent problems. 2 hours time average for replies (unless you are outside of IST business hours where I live :))

So HURRY up and grab your copy of KuponKhoj to launch your affiliate marketing business!
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