Loved-Dating for WoWonder Social PHP Script

Loved-Dating for WoWonder Social PHP Script

Now Loved Dating Update to Version 1.3
Required WoWonder Version

Loved, is a Dating Plugin for WoWonder Social PHP Script. People can love, like, and give star. This plugin work for WoWonder Default Theme. To have this plugin, first you must have WoWonder Script.

What is Wowonder?

WoWonder is social media platform, Developed by Deen Doughouz. You can get WoWonder Script here.

Visit Demo Site Loved Dating Click Here: (User: testuser Password: testuser)


  • COMPATIBLE with WoWonder latest version
  • THREE user card style for page loved
  • TWO user card styles for page my loved
  • ALL style, change in admin panel
  • PEOPLE can love, like, and give star
  • ENABLE and Disable this plugin in admin panel
  • SUPORT 10 language default wowonder script
  • And more

See online documentation and tutorial Tutorial Installation Loved Dating

Preview images, which are inline previews, and screenshots, are under license CC0 1.0 And not included in the main script. Read about CC0


Version 1.3 (28 November 2018). Version 1.2 (1 July 2018). Version 1.1 (15 June 2018). Version 1.0 (31 May 2018).
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