Prestashop Delete Orders

Prestashop Delete Orders

By default, there is no option to delete orders in Prestashop.

This module allows you to delete orders, and it also erases all data related to the order, that is:

  • order details
  • order carrier
  • order cart rules
  • order history
  • order invoice
  • order payment
  • order return
  • order slip
  • cart related to the order

If you have some test orders or many old orders, you can clean them easily using this module.

The module allows you to:

  • delete a single order by ID
  • delete a set of orders (you enter IDs separated by a comma)
  • delete a range of orders (you enter ID of the first and last order in range)
  • delete orders from a range of dates (you enter start and end date)
  • add a delete button to the list of orders (the button will appear only for employees that have access to this module, this way you can control who can delete orders)

This module also saves it’s operation history in store’s logs so you can always track who and when deleted the orders

Check out the screenshots above to see how the module will work in your back office!

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