Sporters UI KIT

Sporters UI KIT

Sporters-Online Booking App is an authentic UI Kit which helps you to formulate pleasing Online Booking App. It contains various screens for the user to avail benefits which can lead to elegant app. Moreover, 10+ screens contains various useable feature which helps to navigate from one screen to another. The Design and XML code file comprise of various understandable comments which is beneficial to construct application for your client project. It includes various screens assembled to model systematic structure. Every code utilized, in addition to layers are well organized and precisely named which is composed of today’s mobile trend.Additionally, one can easily change text, colours and graphics or place photos with not much effort. Customised elements assist in easy editing. Pixel perfect resolution leads to perfect design. Many freebies as Icons, fonts and updates are available which benefits your application.

Change text, colours and graphics, add or place photos. Customize every elements as much, or as little as you want. Customise elements (easy to edit) 100% free fonts Perfect pixel (high quality design) Very clean and cool UI Free updates.

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