Themify Style Kit Bundle

Themify Style Kit Bundle

Themify Style Kit Bundle Included 3 style kit

Save $154 = ($58 (3 themes) + $96 (8 Plugins) )

  1. Jessica – Personal Portfolio
  2. Bit Trading – Layers WordPress Style Kit
  3. Fusion App – Layers WordPress Style Kit

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What is Layers?

Layers is a free WordPress Site Builder that allows you to build beautiful websites through an interface that is so simple you?ll be a pro the first time you use it.

  • Built into WordPress. Not on top.
    Layers is activated as a WordPress theme and works directly with the built-in WordPress Customizer.
  • Point & Click Interface
    A code-free interface gives you control over the content and aesthetics of your site while still maintaining good design fundamentals.
  • Open Source & Extendable
    Download Layers and create anything you want, from gorgeous themes to powerful extensions, or contribute to the core on GitHub.




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