Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Windows

Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Windows

Hello how are you? This is a project for those who want to offer their customers the PERFEX CRM system for Windows installation (32/64), gaining more trust and credibility with their logo / brand.

Remember, if you have no knowledge in VISUAL STUDIO MICROFOFT, our team will assemble your custom Windows app at no cost with your PERFEX CRM logo..

Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Windows - 1

Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Windows - 2

For this you have to buy the product (Perfex – Mighty Open Source CRM) here in the ENVATO, install it on your hosting server, then with the URL of the Perfex CRM system you convert with our Visual Studio project in Windowns application and offering client clients or the installer.

After the purchase, send an email to requesting help. We are here to help you always.

  • If you are not aware of projects with Visual Studio, we help you create your application completely free. Even if you do not use the Visual Studio system, our team will run the service and create your application so that your customers can use their Perfex CRM system installed on Windows.
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