Widget Music Player

Widget Music Player

This project template has a cool look with a universal design to accommodate almost any type of projects, products or services. This brings a modern unique look and feel for your business marketing.

This file includes:

  • Edge file
  • Html file
  • Antmpl file
  • Support Muse files
  • Mp3 Files (Audio files)
  • JPEG files
  • Clickable

Do you want to change the cover? You only need replace images with the same name 500×500px each image. Change the audio? You must make sure the duration is 30 Seconds. NOT MORE

WARNING: When editing files, keep in mind NOT TO RENAME them, or else you may lose the link.

If you are interested in making a sale with this presentation, please purchase the Extended license

Easy to use and edit, well documented READY TO USE

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