YOG DB Manager - MySQL Import and Export

YOG DB Manager - MySQL Import and Export

YOG database manager is a web application that allows you to import and export data from your MySQL database. Built using NodeJS, yog is powerful, fast and very easy to configure. It is well documented which will help you to modify and customize everything.


  • Export table as CSV, XLSX and JSON
  • Import CSV, XLS, XLSX and JSON files to database
  • Includes HTML view of the table which supports export table as PDF
  • Option to select table and columns on export.
  • Bootstrap 4x and Expressjs Framework
  • Simple UI
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Socket based communication
  • Well Documented, Clean and Commented code

Test DB Details

Host : localhost

Login : testLogin

Password : bnmklp098zxcasq123#

Database Name : test

Demo URL :

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